About Us

Heart Reef Helicopters (HRH) provide unique and exclusive helicopter tours of the gorgeous Heart Reef in the Whitsundays. Flying over a dazzling colour pallette of blues, greens and whites before landing on a private pontoon in the turquoise Heart Reef Lagoon, the aerial luxury tour operator unveils the glorious beauty of the Great Barrier Reef — from up high as well as down below.

Final Exterior Interior Renders April 2018 (6)

Sleek, sophisticated and designed to blend in with its natural environment, the brand-new pontoon is an unmatched sanctuary of luxe, refined comfort moored in the Heart Reef lagoon. It’s a floating oasis of tranquillity surrounded by the warm crystalline waters of the lagoon, and a launch pad for blissful snorkelling and immersive boat tours around the pristine reef teeming with colourful fish.

Heart Reef Helicopters is the luxury arm of Hamilton Island Air which has been offering aviation touring in the Whitsundays for more than 10 years. It’s one of Australia’s premier aviation operators, with a large modern fleet of over 20 helicopters, seaplanes and aeroplanes. The recent addition of our third Airbus H130 helicopter to the fleet ensures that Heart Reef Helicopters continues to deliver an exceptional premium aerial experience for all guests.

Heart Reef Helicopters is unrivalled in delivering a truly extraordinary travel experience. Committed to the highest operational standards and dedicated to showcasing the spectacular beauty of this pristine stretch of Australia, to fly with Heart Reef Helicopters is to experience the exceptional — in comfort, class and service.